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For many businesses, go payroll outsourcing service offers an attractive, valuable alternative to in-house processing. go provides cost-effective, simpler means of paying employees, filing taxes and performing other essential but non-profitable tasks, as well as core benefits of superior risk-management, increased business focus and business continuity.

In addition to increasing your productive time, go payroll outsourcing service helps you to ensure the accuracy of the payroll process. Tax rules and regulations change, and it is OUR job to stay abreast of these changes.

Too, with the recent addition of other functions such as personal record keeping, employee benefits administration and leave managements necessary functions included in ‘payroll’, in-house payroll can become a frustrating and taking up non-productive man-hour.

go payroll outsourcing eliminates worrisome reliability and security issues that arise with in-house payroll departments. Payroll outsourcing ends the risk of exposure of confidential information to unauthorized personnel, and provides a fast, easy way to manage payroll.


Vision: Provide superior, best-practice process through principled, experienced professionals using powerful, streamlined process on cutting-edge technology to deliver Thailand’s supreme benchmark outsourcing services.

Mission: To give you the freedom to focus your creative energies and resources on your core competencies; keep pace with today’s rapid-change economy; and create a foundation that strengthens and supports your corporate goals.


Focusing our team’s professional expertise, practical experience, cutting- edge technology and courteous enthusiasm on each and every client, to the client’s profit and our long- term benefit.

Khun Sauwaros Boonbanchachoke
Managing Director
eneral outsourcing Co.,Ltd.

Khun Sauwaros is the co-founder of general outsourcing. She has over 10 years of technical and business best practices in payroll outsourcing service across various industries, which include finance and securities, foreign banking, manufacturing, trading and services. K. Sauwaros was also one of the pioneering team members of the Payroll Outsourcing Service Group at Arthur Andersen Thailand, in which her last position she served as an Associate Director. She has utilized her extensive experience to strengthen general outsourcing foundation to be the purpose-built and secured payroll outsourcing service firm with international standard.
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