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Outsourcing moves unproductive, costly tasks out-of-house, where they can be done professionally in a timely, trustworthy and cost-effective manner.

Today, keeping up with economic changes, challenges and opportunities is full-time and demanding, requiring strategic decisions frequently and rapidly. This demands full leverage of YOUR CORE COMPETENCIES, for they are WHAT BRINGS YOU PROFIT!

Rapid changes in the business environment challenge and destroy today’s companies in 18 to 24 months, rather than the decades companies used to have to transform and adapt. Want to survive, lead and excel? Ask yourself:

1) What, precisely, is our business model?
2) What core competencies create our competetive advantage?
3) What other essential, but non-core functions require sustained, mission-critical performance?

Answering these questions usually leads management to consider outsourcing non-core but mandatory functions: payroll, accounting, finance, and more.

New sources of competition and new ways of doing business are forcing radical changes in company policies and procedures, and bringing vast complexity and ambiguity. Competition leads companies to narrowly define their strategic core competencies, eliminating and outsourcing vital, but non-core, functions.

In house VS Outsourcing
Some key factors employers should consider :
Training personnel to perform payroll responsibilities
Gathering payroll-related information
Wage and tax calculations
Posting payroll expenses to Finance and Accounting system
Researching to constantly abide by Thai tax rules and regulations
Filing payroll tax returns

Employers using an in-house payroll software program should consider :
The cost of the software
Cost to train personnel to use the software
Use of personnel for payroll versus their proper job tasks
Cost to purchase software updates and maintenance
Cost of hardware (less depreciation) and related maintenance costs, if using a dedicated or shared payroll computer system
Focus: By using a payroll outsourcing service, an employer can better focus on what they do best-running their profitable business.

Accuracy: A top priority of any payroll process is ensuring the accuracy of the payroll process. Staying current with tax rules and tax computation is a vital part of their business.

Confidentiality: Payroll services reduce the risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorized personnel.

Convenience: Outsourcing makes payroll fast and easy. Generally, all an employer has to do is gather and communicate payroll information to the payroll service provider.

Flexibility: An employer has access to a greater of services. This has become increasingly important, as administration of other functions has become part of the payroll process.


Client Benefits with Outsourcing

1. Cost effective
2. Amplifies your focus on core business
3. Company gains the best of its human resources
4. Access to new expertise of the outsourcing company
5. Minimize potential risks on employer’s liability
6. Keep up to date with the ever-changing rules and regulations
7. Mitigate resource, availability and turnover risks
8. Reduce risk of exposing confidential information to unauthorized personnel
9. Business continuity to ensure your core business run smoothly


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